Tom Suárez, violin

A former member of the Baltimore and American Symphony Orchestras and various chamber groups, his career as a professional violinist has brought him to all four continents and the Pacific islands. He has held principal positions with the ballet orchestra at New York’s Metropolitan Opera House, with the Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi in Italy, and has performed as solost with that Festival, with the New York Symphonic Ensemble, and other chamber groups. He was artist-in-residence at Sarah Lawrence College in New York and is a former faculty member of Palestine’s National Conservatory of Music in Jerusalem.

Suárez was a violin student of Ivan Galamian, Louise Behrend, Felix Galimir, and Josef Gingold, has worked with three members of the Budapest String Quartet, and studied music analysis and composition with the composer Hugh Aitken.

In 1970 he was selected by Radiotelevisione Italiana as one of two subjects for a film from Luciano Berio’s series,
C’è Musica e Musica (1972).

In 1966, then fifteen and a scholarship student at Juilliard, Suárez was Shinichi Suzuki’s subject for a public lesson at New York’s New School upon the pedagogue’s first trip to the United States to demonstrate his now-global teaching method, then poorly known outside of Japan.

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WITH SCORE: Claude Debussy, Sonata for Violin & Piano, archived live performance by Tom Suárez and Diana Wan

Suárez playing viola at the Anatta Refugee Camp, 2008

Fifteen-year-old Suárez with Shinichi Suzuki, New York, 1966