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“a damning story, heavily documented... far too revealing to be tolerated”
— Noam Chomsky

How Zionism Forged an Apartheid State from River to Sea

Thomas Suárez

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The Israel-Palestine “conflict” is typically understood to be a clash between two ethnic groups—Arabs and Jews—inhabiting the same land. Thomas Suárez digs deep below these preconceptions and their supporting “narratives” to expose something starkly different: The violent take-over of Palestine by a European racial-nationalist settler movement, Zionism, using terror to assert by force a claim to the land that has no legal or moral basis.

Drawing extensively from original source documents, many revealed here for the first time, Suárez interweaves secret intelligence reports, newly-declassified military and diplomatic correspondence, and the terrorists’ own records boasting of their successes. His shocking account details a litany of Zionist terrorism against anyone in their way—the indigenous Palestinians, the British who had helped establish Zionism, and Jews who opposed the Zionist agenda.

Far from being isolated atrocities by rogue groups, the use of terror was deliberate and sustained, carried out or supported by the same leaders who then established and led the Israeli state. We are still living this history: The book proves that Israel's regime of Apartheid against the Palestinians and the continued expropriation of their country are not the result of complex historical circumstances, but the intended, singular goal of Zionism since its beginning.

Tom Suárez has written and lectured extensively on the Palestinian issue, including at major UK and UK universities and the UK House of Lords. He is best known for his 2016 book, State of Terror, “the first comprehensive and structured analysis of the violence and terror employed by the Zionist movement and later the state of Israel against the people of Palestine” (Ilan Pappé). His recent Writings on the Wall is an annotated collection of Palestinian oral histories. Suárez is a former faculty member of Palestine’s National Conservatory of Music.

Suárez at the Erez crossing to Gaza, Oct 2008 [photo ActiveStills]

BELOW: Abu Dis, 2016

State of Terror - How terrorism created modern Israel
(Interlink, 2016)

BOOK HOMEPAGE, with illustrations of key documents, reviews, and errata.


Why has the Israel-Palestine ‘conflict’ endured for so long, with no resolution in sight? In this meticulously researched book, Thomas Suárez demonstrates that its cause is not the commonly depicted clash between two ethnic groups — Arabs and Jews — but the violent takeover of Palestine by Zionism, a European settler movement hailing from the era of ethnic nationalism.

Tapping a trove of declassified British documents, much of which has never before been published, the book details a shocking campaign of Zionist terrorism in 1940s and 1950s Palestine that targeted anyone who challenged its messianic settler goals, whether the British government, the indigenous Palestinians, or Jews.

Today’s seemingly intractable quagmire is that terror campaign’s unfinished business, an Israeli state driven by unrequited territorial designs and the dream of ethnic ‘purity’. The role of Zionist terrorism in establishing the Israeli state and perpetuating today’s conflict is laid bare in Suárez’s groundbreaking narrating of the unbroken historical record.
Writings on the Wall - Palestinian Oral Histories collected by the Arab Educational Institute in Bethlehem
(Interlink, 2019)

BOOK HOMEPAGE, with illustrations

A remarkable collection of brief testaments by everyday Palestinians, here organised and annotated by Thomas Suárez.

The book begins with an Introduction in which Suárez gets to the root of the so-called 'conflict', free of mystification. His annotations and numerous photographs provide background to these testimonies of people living under a seven-decade military occupation. This is a book that truly ‘sees through walls’.

From the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, concerning Israel's apartheid Wall:
“[We express our] grave concern about the continuing construction, contrary to international law, by Israel of the wall inside the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including in and around East Jerusalem ... in departure from the Armistice Line of 1949 ... [and] the failure of the Government of Israel to cooperate...”
Palestine Sixty Years Later 
(Americans for Middle East Understanding, 2010)

Palestine sixty years later combines 171 photographs and commentary into a vivid glimpse of modern-day Palestine. An Introduction summarizes the origins of partition, discusses methods of Zionist expropriation used in 1948 and in use today, and analyzes how Israel has exploited Judaism and the collective Western subconscious for its political ends.

• "A beautiful, evocative book. Suarez's marvellous photographs capture more eloquently than any words the essence of what it means to live under Israeli occupation. The accompanying text is authoritative and to the point. An aesthetic and educational experience not to be missed."
— Ghada Karmi

• "A moving, fact-filled and insightful portrait of a people under relentless siege."
— Prof. Norman Finkelstein

Contributing author, The Antisemitism Wars: How the British Media Failed Their Public

Skyscraper, 2018. Paperback,‎ 272 pages, ISBN-10‎ 1911072366, ISBN-13 978-1911072362