Thomas Suárez

Early Portuguese Mapping of Siam

in :
500 Years of Thai-Portuguese Relations, ed. Michael Smithies

285 pages, ISBN-10:‎ 9748298582, ISBN-13 : 978-9748298580[The Siam Society and Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2011]

(From Amazon description:)
One does not often get the chance to celebrate 500 years of smooth diplomatic relations, so this year the Thai and Portuguese governments are making the most of the occasion. The Siam Society, Under Royal Patronage, was invited by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs to produce a volume in English to mark the event, and the Society commissioned one of its Honorary Members, the historian Professor Michael Smithies, to compile the book. He contacted specialists in the field for contributions [and] the result is this collection of articles ... which seek to explain and contribute to the mutual respect and understanding of these long-standing and mutually beneficial relations. The volume comes with reproductions of early maps.