Early Mapping of the Pacific Ocean

Thomas Suárez

"This extraordinarily handsome volume reproduces a couple of hundred early maps of the greatest ocean in the universe with style and clarity, and Suarez explains the process of mapping an area that is mostly water with a sense of great adventure." (-Honolulu Star Bulletin, June 6, 2004)

"...more than just another book about cartography. It is a romantic excursion into the daring, swashbuckling world of voyagers and explorers plying some of the most remote longitudes on earth, and while cartography remains his main focus, Mr. Suarez has gone out of his way to to recount the particulars of important voyages... ...the book is enhanced by over 200 color and black and white illustrations of maps, charts, manuscripts, title pages, and other illustrations from contemporary sources. The captions are often detailed and offer in themselves salient capsules of the larger survey. The illustrations are lavish and exotic, and the book as a whole is beautifully laid out" (-Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America Newsletter, Spring, 2004)

"...dovetails nicely with his previous publication, Early Mapping of Southeast Asia ...a wide-ranging and very informative iontroduction to a huge topic ...the series of manuscript maps illustrated, from a wide ranging group of libraries and museums, is particularly impressive." (-MapForum, Autumn, 2004)

"Tom Suarez has a good command of the English language and a well trained insight into sometimes less than obvious connections between explorers and map makers. Most of the maps are presented in color. Fortunately the books size allows most of them to be examined with the naked eye." (-The Portolan, Fall, 2004)


224 pages with 223 illustrations

1. The Pacific Islands and Their People
2. Mariners, Mapmakers, and the Great Ocean
3. The Pacific Evolves after Magellan
4. In the Wake of the Solomon Islands
5. Earliest Mapping of Australia and New Zealand
6. The Age of Enlightenment
7. The Three Voyages of James Cook
8. The Discovery of Tahiti and Hawaii
9. The Eighteenth Century after Cook
10. Micronesia, the Elusive Isles
11. Surveyors, Whalers, and Missionaries
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