The Zionists, The British, and 1917:
Letter to Weizmann from James A. Malcolm, one monther after 1948 statehood,
enigmatically(?) reminiscing about event of 1916-1917;

KV 2/3171

Malcolm, a British Armenian businessman, was allegedly one of the people who introduced Mark Sykes (of the Sykes-Picot Agreement) to Weizmann.


KV 2/3171

The British intercepted this letter Weizmann wrote to Ivor Linton in reaction to Malcom's letter, in which Weizmann seeks to distance himself from "these people," James Malcolm and Cyril Ross.

Indeed British intelligence had been tracking Cyril Ross, Managing Director of the lucrative Oxford Street furrier Swears & Wells, who was thought to have been head of the Jewish Agency’s spy network in the UK. The British believed that Israel now had informants “in every [UK] Government department of importance” as well as“contacts in the U.S. Embassy in London, who provided him [Ross] with U.S. secret reports”.
(State of Terror, 265)


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