Weizmann and Rothschild discuss the ethnic cleansing of Palestine

T.E. Lawrence ("of Arabia") and Gertrude Bell try to be helpful

Rothschild also confirms that the displacement of Palestinians had already been in progress

FO 608/99

On March 22, 1919, Chaim Weizmann’s proposals for the Zionist takeover of Palestine were the subject of a meeting at which Rothschild and British officials treated the methnic cleansing of non-Jewish Palestinians as integral to their plans, with “a comprehensive emigration scheme” (as Rothschild put it) to ship them to Egypt and Syria.

Discretion was advised: this was not an issue that should be voiced in Paris (at the post-war peace conference), but one that would be taken up once the Mandate was settled.

Neither T.E. Lawrence nor Gertrude Bell objected.

"Miss Bell added that there was scope in Mesopotamia [Iraq] for such emigrants."

State of Terror 42


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