Obstruction in access to vaccine after the Hagana poisoned the water supply of Acre with typhoid
From a telegram from High Commissioner Cunningham, one week before the declaration of the Israeli state

8 May, 1948

FCO 141/14286

(see item 5)

In early May of 1948, the Hagana injected typhoid into the aqueduct supplying water to the ‘Capri’ spring that served Acre, causing an epidemic that expedited the ethnic cleansing and expropriation of this city that lay on the Palestinian side of the Partition.

It appears that a shortage of avaiable vaccine was deliberate, whether part of the plan or the ad lib enhancement of a sympathizer.

Cunningham complains of “the dilatory and even obstructive attitude by the Jewish bacteriologist” in obtaining the vaccine to contain the outbreak.

State of Terror p253

The rest of the telegram is also of interest regarding the 1948 war.


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