"Text of an address given by a Jew before an audience at a dominion club"

WO 261/564

October, 1946

Pages 1 & 4 of an 8-page text.

Zionist “persecution of Jews” and “intimidation is complete”—so warned “a Jew before an audience at a dominion club” and noted in War Office records.

Zionism’s course, he continued, “is potentially disastrous to Jewry and to the peace of the world as a whole”.

Like other witnesses, he compares the Hagana’s conscription of teenagers to Hitler’s Youth Movement.

Every boy of 16 years of age must join the Hagana. If he declines, his life at school is made unbearable and professional training and openings are withheld from him. If parents object, they are encouraged to deceive them in secret obedience to the ‘call.’ Even children 10 years old are enrolled in political parties—and this, eighteen months after we all believed we had destroyed Hitlerism for all time.

State of Terror, p153-154
The (Zionist) extremists are, the speaker says, the majority, and have "subordinated everything" to the demand for a Jewish state.

To that end they are ... using the suffering remnant of their People as a tool for their own political ends.


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