Arab negotiators' conciliatory alternative to Partition,
a democratic nation with “a constitution similar to that of the United States”

WO 261/571

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Upon the passage of Resolution 181 (Partition), “young Jewish volunteers with money boxes swarmed through the streets of Haifa ... blackmailing the public into buying rapidly produced [Zionist] flags for large sums of money.”

In a second wave of this campaign, names were taken of those few who refused.

Meanwhile at the UN, Arab representatives—whose request to have the legality of Partition reviewed by the International Court of Justice had already been denied—took advantage of a twenty-four hour reprieve granted them to put forth a conciliatory alternative.

They proposed, in vain, a single democratic nation with what the Times described as “a constitution similar to that of the United States.”

See State of Terror, 240-241.


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