UN Resolution 181, with its implicit creation of the Israeli state,

was the capitulation to Zionist terrorism



CAB 129/21

The full proof that the partitioning of Palestine was the capitulation to Zionist terrorism, is the relentless terror and uncontrollable campaign of Zionist terrorism, especially since 1939, and especially as by 1947 that terrorism increasingly threatened Western interests outside of Palestine.

This Memorandum was written after UNSCOP's recommendations, but before the UN's passage of Resolution 181. It demonstrates that this capitulation was not merely implicit, but actually stated.

The alternative UN plan was for a bi-national state, which the Palestinians would have supported as a compromise. But this compromise would be (quoting from this dcument) “totally unacceptable” to the Zionists and  “would therefore be followed by an intensification of Jewish terrorism.”

The dispro-portionately large land area the UN gave the Zionists was also in fear of Zionist terrorism. Again quoting British Cabinet papers, giving the Zionists so much land up front was an attempt to delay — not prevent, but delay — the Zionists’ expansionist wars they knew would come.

This appeasement of course failed: within a few months of Resolution 181, the Zionist armies were already waging their first expansionist war, confiscating more than half of the Palestinian side of Partition.

State of Terror
, 236
Extract of the above document, with key passages highlighted.


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