● page 176, the marginal date should be Nov 1946, not Nov 1947

● page 443 n 505, "Naeim Giladi, the participant in the biological attacks..." should read "Naeim Giladi, the source quoted for the biological attacks..." (Giladi did not actually participate in the poisoning of the wells). This also applies to "participant" on page 274.


● Clarification about pamphlet bombs:
The Irgun in particular was fond of these devices used to dissemiate its propaganda over a wide area. The "bomb" would be left in an advatageous location, set to explode after the operative was no longer at the scene. The devices could, and did, cause harm to people, but in most cases that was not their actual purpose. The term took on a new meaning when some Zionist pamphlets and posters were impreganted with explosive material to harm anyone who tries to burn them.

● Wadi Araba:
Regarding page 325, the link referred to in the footnote is

● How many villages did the Zionist armies exterminate in 1948?
Jonathan Ofir has kindly supplied the following clarification and update:
Page 306 of
Palestine Hijacked cites "more than four hundred of their villages destroyed". This is a very conserative count. Ilan Pappe give the figure of 531 in Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Salman Abu Sitta (Palestine Land Society map) cites more, and the most complete count to date is found in the "Decolonizer Map" (see Eitan Bronstein,here) records the following:
— 162 villages under 100 inhabitants
— 418 villages of 100-3.000
— 35 villages of over 3.000.
615 villages, including cities like Jaffa and Haifa, where the localities were not totally destroyed, but nearly so.