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Jewish Agency policy of non-cooperation with post-war Reconstruction

 begins by mid-1943, two years before the end of the war
regarding Palestine, ultimately regarding Europe

FO 1093/330

July, 1943:
Two years before the Allied victory, Jewish Agency opposition to post-war reconstruction begins

This document is dated 8th July, 1943, and concerns a meeting held three days earlier.

"The Inner Zionist General Council and Non-Cooperation"

As regards post-war plans there could be no cooperation [with reconstruction]...

See State of Terror, 83, 115, 257

FO 371/45377

Secret / Memorandum from the Government of Palestine / Running Diary of Political Developments in Palestine / From 1st May, 1943, until 31st December, 1944

State of Terror, p83, 115, 257



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