1943 US Intelligence Report: Zionism in Palestine

FO 1093/330

From a US Intelligence Report, 1943

This page is worth reading in full, but key parts include:

Whereas “assimilated Jews in Europe and America are noted for being ... stout opponents of racialism and discrimination”, Zionism has bred the opposite mentality in Palestine, “a spirit closely akin to Nazism, namely, an attempt to regiment the community, even by force, and to resort to force to get what they want”.

State of Terror, 83

FO 1093/330

Non-Zionist German Jews ("of the old liberal type") published a journal, Orient, whose January 1943 issue condemned the “Yishuv Nazis” and their “super-Zionism”, which it said were as bad as the super-nationalism of the German Reich; and in a February issue, the physicist Wolfgang Yourgrau attacked “the totalitarian monster” gripping the Jewish settlements, “even in the ranks of the Left parties”. The periodical then fell victim itself: it closed from harassment, and a bomb was planted in the press that had published Orient and other non-Hebrew (German and Yiddish) publications.

State of Terror, p83-84
Of page 6 of this 1943 US Intelligence Report, the first paragraph in particular is remarkable for its equation of Zionism with Nazism.


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