Lehi's foiled "Jerusalem Agreement" with the Italian fascists (15 Sept 1940)


KV 5/31

State of Terror, 58-59

Lehi’s collusion with the Italian fascists was codified in the “Jerusalem Agreement 1940”. It proposed that the fascists help them overthrow the British in Palestine, and then use “all the means in its power to liquidate the Jewish Diaspora”—that is, for the fascists to destroy all non-Palestinian Jewish communities on Lehi’s behalf and forcibly transfer their populations to the Zionist settlements. The agreement, dated 15 September 1940, required the signatures of the Italians and the “Provisional Jewish Prime Minister”. In a comical stroke of bad luck, however, the contact through whom Lehi was negotiating was also engaged as an Irgun spy, and learning of the negotiations, the Irgun tried to secure the document to embarrass its rival. “Some hitch”, a British Security Officer wrote, “the nature of which is not known”, kept the document from being signed.







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