The socialist /Marxist Hatshomer Hatzair on Zionist terrorism and Zionist fascism (1946-47)

KV 5/34


"A Nazi is a Nazi he be a Jew or otherwise, and it is a false sentiment of the Jewish people to condemn Nazism and condone Jewish fascism."

(note MS correction of grammar, "be he")

State of Terror, 7

CO 733/478/3


The British believed, probably correctly, that this Jewish "anti-terror league" that came to their attention in early 1947 was formed by members of the socialist Hashomer Hatzair.

It accused the militants of “using the same methods” as the Nazis, and “will therefore cause to the Jews the same fate like the Nazis did suffer”.

The League appears to have been very short-lived and had no identifiable influence.

The League's apparent faith in the Jewish Agency's desire to stop the terror is inconsistent with the Hashomer Hatzair's arguments with Agency leadership, and may have been a case of "calling their bluff"" .

State of Terror, 199


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