New Zionist Organization playing on anti-Semitism in America to garner support for Zionist demands

New York Times, January 3, 1944

This ad by the New Zionist Organization of America is one of several that play on anti-Semitism to garner support for a Zionist state in Palestine.

It threatened that without a Jewish state in Palestine, “America will face increasing pressure to open her doors” to Jewish DPs. “It will be difficult for her to refuse”.

For those in the US who might in fact be happy to welcome Jews to their country, the propaganda threatened their own good reputations, smearing (as British intelligence described it) “those who oppose Zionist aims, and even those who do not actively support them”, as “lacking in humanitarianism, failing in Christianity, anti- Semitic, by implication pro-Nazi”.
See State of Terror, 81-82


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