Exploitation of anti-Semitism

CO 733/458/13

Dr. Arieh Altman, chairman of a delegation of the New Zionist Organization (NZO, a Revisionist group founded by Jabotinsky), said much the same: anti-Semitism must “form the foundation of Zionist propaganda”. Keeping alive the threat of anti-Semitism, Dr. Altman argued, would persuade Jews in Britain or America to emigrate to Palestine, and “non-Jewish support [for Zionism] in America could also be increased by emphasising the advantages” of the settler project in “reducing the number of Jews” coming into the US.

See State of Terror, 80
FO 1093/330

from: US Intelligence in the Middle East, “Latest Aspects of the Palestine Zionist-Arab Problem”, June 4, 1943

The report notes that without anti-Semitism, Zionism will lose its justification.
KV 2/1435

In December of 1945, Ben-Gurion tells the Jewish Agency Execuive that

“if they [the Americans] do not wish an influx of European Jews as immigrants to the United States”, they would be well advised to support the Zionist claim to Palestine”.

See State of Terror, 115
CO 537/1715

British Foreign Secretary Ernest publically stated that American support for Zionism was largely fuelled by anti-Semitism. The fear of Jews turning up on New York’s shores, he claimed, was the reality behind much of the US support for a ‘Jewish State’ in Palestine.

The remark elicited venomous outrage, with US Senator Robert Wagner accusing Bevin of anti-Semitism for this “echo from Nazi dogma [which] will not be excused or forgotten”.

Under item 2 on page 7 of the document on the left, Shertok (future Prime Minister Sharett) matter-of-factly confirms Bevin's claim in an address to the Jewish Agency Executive.

State of Terror, p113
New York Times, January 3, 1944

This ad by the New Zionist Organization of America is one of several that play on anti-Semitism to garner support for a Zionist state in Palestine.

It threatened that without a Jewish state in Palestine, “America will face increasing pressure to open her doors” to Jewish DPs. “It will be difficult for her to refuse”.

For those in the US who might in fact be happy to welcome Jews to their country, the propaganda threatened their own good reputations, smearing (as British intelligence described it) “those who oppose Zionist aims, and even those who do not actively support them”, as “lacking in humanitarianism, failing in Christianity, anti- Semitic, by implication pro-Nazi”.
See State of Terror, 81-82


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