Democracy as obstacle to Zionism

FO 608/99

Extract from a letter from Chaim Weimann to Balfour, May 30, 1918.

Dehumanization of Palestians ("Arabs") in context of denyng them an equal voice.

Previous pages contain more slander against the Palestinians and against the Middle East's non-Zionist Jews.

State of Terror, 10, 35
WO 169/4334

In Jerusalem on 4 October (1942) Ben-Gurion told Jewish Agency leaders that although Hitler had made Jews suffer, he also

“revive[d] in assimilated Jews the feeling of Jewish nationalism, [and] we have exploited this feeling in favour of Zionism”.

Democracy, however, threatened to undo it. Jewish nationalism is

"slowly disappearing again because the democracies, in contrast to the dictator states, recognise the Jews as people having full rights of citizenship ... [and so] in America there now exists a strong movement away from Zionism.""

Fully 85% of America’s Jewry, he warned, were “assimilationists”, a setback he blamed again on America’s “democratic attitude”.

Another Agency speaker agreed, condemning the democratic countries and their Atlantic Charter as enemies of Jewry.

State of Terror, p77
FO 1093-330

Chaim Weizmann argues that democracy in Palestine would mean all Jews worldwide were the electorate.

June, 1943
KV 5/39

Menachem Begin not only confines "democracy" in Palestine to Jews, but states that votes contrary to Irgun designs don't necessarily count.

From the report of a conference between Begin and certain UNSCOP members in the summer of 1947.

See State of Terror, p206-207


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