1955: British plans to attack Israel to stop its terror attacks
against the Jordanian-occupied West Bank
(the West Bank includes East Jerusalem)

PREM 11/945

British officials hoped never to have to make good on the defence treaty they maintained with Jordan, avoiding the issue by parsing words: was Israel ‘attacking’ Jordan, or merely ‘raiding’ it?

The military nonetheless took the defence pact seriously, in part because a destabilised Jordan would invite Soviet intrigue. In early 1954, as the ‘Lavon’ operatives planned their bombings, the British developed secret plans to destroy the entire Israeli Air Force, as well as key Israeli military and communication installations, in order to stop Israeli aggression. In preparation, Britain moved one armoured squadron, consisting of about 20 tanks and 100 men, from the Suez area to supplement its small garrison at Aqaba.

This summary of plans dated 27th April, 1955 read:

Neutralise the Israeli Air Force using all the planned reinforcements and operating from the following bases Nicosia Abu Sueir Fayid Amman and Mafraq. Conduct operations against military targets in Israel in particular centres of communications and oil installations.

State of Terror
, 318-321


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