Jewish Agency opposition to Jews joining the Allied effort

WO 169/183

Lydda Area Intelligence Summary. (for week ending 3rd. May, 1940.)

Item 3:
In context of May Day Festivities (1940), "Jewish Czech subjects are reported to have been instructed by the Jewish Agency not to register their names for military service..."

State of Terror, 70

WO 169/148

Summary of Intelligence - Palestine & Transjordan / 18th September 1940.

"It is understood that the so-called registration at the beginning of the war was purely a political gesture..."

(The Jewish Agency had pledged a recruitment drive at the outbreak of the war in late 1939._

Opposing Agency opposition to enlistment was, e.g.,
Solomon Bloom, American Congressman, suggests that Jews should join the Allies, "preferably the Army of which they were nationals."

State of Terror, 66

WO 169/4334

December 22, 1941

Lehi ("Stern Gang") is against enlistment

Lehi invoked the Old Testament to preach against Jews joining the Allied struggle. “The Jewish youth does not want to enlist in this Gog and Magog War”—the two apocalyptic monsters serving as Lehi’s Biblical reference to the Allies and the Axis—“because it is not the war of the Jews”, not one for their “national interests” (a Zionist state).

By this Gog and Magog analogy, the Allies and the Axis were equally bad.

The Biblical stage the ever-present prop, Lehi then decried that “a foreigner [i.e., the British High Commissioner] is placed on the seat of King David.”

See State of Terror, 78-79

WO 169/4334

June, 1942, during the height of the war, the Jewish Agency continues to oppose enlistment.

Next-to-last paragraph:

With unalleviated monotony the claim of the "HAGANA" that the Defence of the YISHUC should be the first and foremost consideration before any recruits be enlisted into the Army, is put forward as their reason for opposing recruiting.

See State of Terror
, 77-78

WO 169/4334

While hard news of the death camps reached the outside world, claims of "certain Jewish institutions" [i.e., here meaning Zionist] "assisting and encouraging" the deseretion of Jews from the Polish [Allied] army

WO 169/4334

Item 4: In early November 1942, opposition to enlistment remains the dominant influence, while the establishment of the Jewish Brigade, which would further the Zionist cause, remained the goal.


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