Tom Suarez, Thomas Suarez, Tom Suárez, Thomas Suárez

Internet confusion over these names

Several people appear prominently in Google searches with the name Thomas Suarez or Tom Suarez, with or without the accent á

I AM :

A violinist, originally from the United States, living in London.

The author of books on cartography and the Middle East.


I am NOT the following people:

A UK tabloid cited a violinist with my name involved in alleged hate speech.
The libel, repeated by other media, has no relevance whatsoever to me (see Independent Press Standards Organisation (here).

I have a background in photography and have been published as a photographer, but I am not the professional American (Texas) photographer of the same name.

I have managed web sites for some charities, but I am not the software developer of the same name.

I am not the owner of a window business of the same name involved in alleged online scams.

I am not the surgeon in Virginia.