"I thought I knew a fair bit about the Middle East after all the years I've been involved in its politics but this book came as an eye-opener. I realised how ignorant I was, not of the events since the establishment of Israel but of the terror campaign that led up to it. Everyone who has ever accepted Israel’s own account of its history should read this book... It should change them forever."

-Baroness Jenny Tonge

"[This  is] a book that really does get to the heart of the Zionist soul - a very dark place indeed. State Of Terror is not a polemic but a chronological account of the cynical, often indiscriminate violence that enabled a single ‘race’ to colonise and conquer another people’s land within the space of 60 years, and (though the book does not deal, except in a brief epilogue, with the post-Suez period) to continue its campaign of ethnic cleansing for the next 60 or more, slowly gathering to its bosom more and more of the land the Zionists always claimed was theirs by right." 

-- Mike Parker, Tribune Magazine, 16 December, 2016, p25


Why has the Israel-Palestine ‘conflict’ endured for so long, with no resolution in sight? In this meticulously researched book, Thomas Suárez demonstrates that its cause is not the commonly depicted clash between two ethnic groups---Arabs and Jews---but the violent takeover of Palestine by Zionism, a European settler movement hailing from the era of ethnic nationalism.

Tapping a trove of declassified British documents, much of which has never before been published, the book details a shocking campaign of Zionist terrorism in 1940s and 1950s Palestine that targeted anyone who challenged its messianic settler goals, whether the British government, the indigenous Palestinians, or Jews.

Today's seemingly intractable quagmire is that terror campaign’s unfinished business, an Israeli state driven by unrequited territorial designs and the dream of ethnic ‘purity’. The role of Zionist terrorism in establishing the Israeli state and perpetuating today's conflict is laid bare in Suárez’s groundbreaking narrating of the unbroken historical record.

"In this fresh and compelling new book, Suárez cuts through the lies that shield Israel at America’s expense, exposing the reality of the 'conflict' through the simple act of documenting why a tolerant, multi-cultural Palestine became the battleground it is today."  -- Cynthia McKinney, six-term member of the United States House of Representatives, and 2008 Presidential candidate of the Green Party.

Transcript of Suárez' book talk at London's House of Lords, 14 December, 2016

418 pages

UK (Skyscraper, hard cover with dust jacket), ISBN-10: 191107203X, ISBN-13: 978-1911072034

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How terrorism created modern Israel
Thomas Suárez
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Substantive Misprints
• Page 263, four lines from the bottom of the main text (not footnote), "like Haifa" is a misprint. It should read "unlike Haifa".

• Page 83, US Intelligence raised the question as to whether Zionists “would have got further towards rescuing the unfortunates in Axis Europe, had they not complicated the question by always dragging Palestine into the picture”. Due to an editing, it appears as a claim.
• Page 236, the link between Zionist terrorism and the creation of the Israeli state is actually understated. An alternative would be, to quote British Cabinet papers, “totally unacceptable” to the Zionists and “would therefore be followed by an intensification of Jewish terrorism.”
• "The Times" always refers to the London Times.
• The New York Times is always referred to as such.

Benign Misprints
• Page 273, word "he" missing (middle of page, "...member, he quickly...").
Thomas Suárez   2017
"This book is true, and it is important. It proves beyond doubt that Israel is not the perpetual victim of Arab violence that it claims to be, but has been the aggressor throughout the history of the conflict."
-- Dr. David Gerald Fincham, in Mondoweiss review
"A tour de force, based on diligent archival research that looks boldly at the impact of Zionism on Palestine and its people in the first part of the 20th century.

Much of the suffering we witness today can be explained by, and connected to, this formative period covered thoroughly in this book."

-Ilan Pappé, Israeli historian, author, and professor
"The first comprehensive and structured analysis of the violence and terror employed by the Zionist movement and later the state of Israel against the people of Palestine."
-Ilan Pappé
"Suárez offers a penetrating analysis of the roots of Zionist ideology, showing not only its racist underpinnings and colonialist attitudes toward Arabs but also its attempt to exercise political, religious and cultural hegemony over the Jewish people. In a sense Suárez exposes political Zionism as a form of anti-Semitism and a kind of totalitarianism."
-- Rod Such, in Electronic Intifada review
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